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Waiting for Persephone

A few years ago, pre-polar Vortex, I did a series on wet land plants after they froze. One of the plant types I focused on was the Milk Weed, I wanted to capture the contrast of the frozen above ground portion and the release of its’ seeds. The seed release signaled the plant’s coming rebirth in the spring.

This photo is one from that series and shows the frozen seed pods exposing their contents to the wind so the seeds could be scattered and the plant reborn. It reminded me of the return of Persephone from Hades and the pending rebirth that spring represents.


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A different take on Split Rock Light House

A different take on Split Rock Light House on the North Shore of Lake Superior. These are from a series I’ve been working on one of the most photographed features on the North Shore.  One of my favorite and most used lenses is my 10.5mm fish eye, I like the way I can use it to “warp” reality and in the case of photographing people it also adds a more intimate dimension to both individuals and small groups. In a way it does a great job of putting the viewer into a photo.

So instead of the ordinary approach, I used my fish eye and then edited it with multiple layers of textures to achieve what you see.


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Chasing the subtle light of winter

For my friends from the Twin Cities, if you’ve noticed this year while driving either direction on 494 just above the the Ft. Snelling State Park lake, take a look. Depending on the light you might see that the tops of all the trees are a very light grey, while the main body of the frees are dark, it is an example of how the winter light reveals very subtle layering of tones.

On New Year’s day we headed out first to the arboretum, then to Ft. Snelling State Park, and lastly the Shepard road over look of the confluence of the Mississippi and Minnesota rivers to try capture some of that subtleness.

While we weren’t able to capture the greys of Ft. Snelling, the photo below reveals the “hidden” layers of tones within the gaggle of leafless branches of the river bottoms as seem from above.


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