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Machines in the Garden

Whenever I see a wind farm no matter the size,  I’m always struck by the visual impact these behemoths have on both the rural landscape and the horizon. Their presence has forever changed both the scale and our perception of what we previously identified as a relatively uninterrupted horizon and a human scale landscape. Just drive by a farm which previously stood alone with its’ out buildings penetrating the sky, that farm is now dwarfed by the presence of these machines.

While we have plenty of tall buildings in our world they normally are surrounded by other tall buildings, which tend to reduce the visual impact of each individual building.The scale of wind turbines is exaggerated because we see them individually and in comparison to a flat plane, flat snow covered winter fields add to the exaggerated scale.

Also, the scale is more exaggerated on the flat plains of the Midwest, seen in the context of rolling hills further west their individual effect is lessened by the rolling horizon.


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