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Sunset through the skyline

As the snow and seemingly winter along with it starts to disappear here in St. Paul, today’s photo is a reminder that winter does have some redeeming value.

I stumbled on this photo yesterday while sorting files for my web site and store. The photo was shot in 2010 down the road from St. Antony Main, I was working on capturing the sun set behind the sky line when I noticed the sliver of light that crossed the river. You can trace the light beam to the space between two buildings on the skyline. The sunset itself was pretty spectacular as it bathed the skyline.

This past week on our way back from Sioux Falls we witnessed a similar display of golden light while on 1-35. Unfortunately by the time we got to an off ramp the golden light was pretty much gone.


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Snow squalls at sunset over Lake Tahoe

These shots are from a collection we captured from a variety locations along Lake Tahoe.  We stumbled on this location while exploring some back roads overlooking the lake. The elevation of the road gave us some vantage points that put much of coast in front of us into silhouette against the setting sun.

 Small snow squalls were popping up over the lake which added another dramatic layer for location. The sun angle was perfect for accentuating the squalls and at the same time silhouetting the mountains and coastline.

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Sunrise & Sunset over Lake Superior

A visit to the north shore of Lake Superior doesn’t feel normal without at least a couple of sunset or sun rise shots. These were taken along the North Shore at locations including Grand Marais, Two Harbors along with a couple of other locations I can’t seem to remember. The sun rise and sunset on Superior  never fails to surprise.

I like to catch sunrise shots  just as the sun is breaking the horizon, a time when the light is not too bright but yet saturated with a wide spectrum of colors and the sun’s rays seem to be broader than after it fully breaks the horizon. Depending on the cloud cover spectacular sunrises can also happen up to when the sun reaches about a 45 degree angle above the horizon.

See our sunrise/sunset gallery here.


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