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Sunset through the skyline

As the snow and seemingly winter along with it starts to disappear here in St. Paul, today’s photo is a reminder that winter does have some redeeming value.

I stumbled on this photo yesterday while sorting files for my web site and store. The photo was shot in 2010 down the road from St. Antony Main, I was working on capturing the sun set behind the sky line when I noticed the sliver of light that crossed the river. You can trace the light beam to the space between two buildings on the skyline. The sunset itself was pretty spectacular as it bathed the skyline.

This past week on our way back from Sioux Falls we witnessed a similar display of golden light while on 1-35. Unfortunately by the time we got to an off ramp the golden light was pretty much gone.


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Explorations in the Minneapolis Mill District

The Gutherie Theater design has always fascinated me, with its’ metallic blue skin reflects whatever is nearby, and the cantilevered “porch” that seems to defy the laws of gravity. When we were shooting weddings, the Gutherie and the Mill District were always our favorite locations for engagement sessions, because they both offered radically different environments for capturing young couples.

While shooting Friday I was struck by how this new structure would change the human scale that is what makes the Mill District feel good. I couldn’t help but notice how the area will be drastically changed in scale with the completion of the new Vikings’ stadium, a metallic and glass monster that will loom over the Mill District like a mother ship.

Today’s photo was shot while I was capturing some initial views of the erector set like bones that will hold the stadium together. I was looking for shots that included the stadium frame in contrast with the Gutherie, however, the sun wrapping the Theater in its’ beams was to much to resist.


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A welcome day of light

After many disappointing predictions, that bright light that sometimes appears in the sky and is called the sun, finally appeared. Our cameras have been tucked away for the last several weeks because extreme cold and electronics don’t play well together. So with the appearance of the sun and warmer weather we headed out for some fun.

We had a loose agenda, starting at Nicollet Island and wandering to some locations we’ve wanted capture in winter. These  two shots were captured on Nicollet Island across the Mississippi looking towards the lock and dam and the 3rd Ave bridge. I used my newest camera, Sony a7mkII and 28-70mm lens. I was experimenting with a newly available technique of taking my light readings off the highlights instead of the middle tones. The new sensors are now capable of collecting many times the light info that our Nikons ever could. Which translates to better shadow detail and less blown highlights.


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Chasing the subtle light of winter

For my friends from the Twin Cities, if you’ve noticed this year while driving either direction on 494 just above the the Ft. Snelling State Park lake, take a look. Depending on the light you might see that the tops of all the trees are a very light grey, while the main body of the frees are dark, it is an example of how the winter light reveals very subtle layering of tones.

On New Year’s day we headed out first to the arboretum, then to Ft. Snelling State Park, and lastly the Shepard road over look of the confluence of the Mississippi and Minnesota rivers to try capture some of that subtleness.

While we weren’t able to capture the greys of Ft. Snelling, the photo below reveals the “hidden” layers of tones within the gaggle of leafless branches of the river bottoms as seem from above.


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