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Out of the ashes

Several years ago while on the North Shore of Lake Superior we decided to wander inland away from the big lake. The day was overcast so we really were not hopeful of finding some good locations. We followed the Gunflint trail toward the Boundary Waters Canoe Area and took a narrow gravel road off the Gunflint and stumbled onto a little collection of cabins tucked well out of sight except for the mailboxes standing at attention around a curve in the road.

The area was also in the edge of a fire that left ghostly blackened poles as reminders of what happened. Interestingly enough, this little area also was included in the early 2000s blow down that made a wide swath through the Boundary Waters leaving a path of destruction that left giant piles of logs. The storm also left behind many campers who had to be rescued and in many cases air evaced back to Duluth.

The photo below was one example of nature’s own reclamation efforts, understory growth was popping up in the early stages of ecosystem restoration. It represented a place of peace and reflection amidst the chaos of destruction.


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Capturing the Boreal woods

Another from New Year’s Day, this one from Ft. Snelling State Park. Instead of capturing the opposite bank of the Minnesota River water and all, I decided to shoot straight into the tangle of vines, bare branches and remaining brown oak leaves. So the only context for the photo is the dormant trees and vines, accentuating the sense of mystery, and illustrating the natural environment we have here in the Twin Cities.

I used a variety of techniques within Adobe Lightroom to finish the image off and add a little more mystery.


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