Great Lakes Ore boats

While today may feel dreary, drizzle, overcast and cool, it does remind me of how we can adapt if we are open to it. Having grown up and lived in the Midwest where we stayed indoors when the weather was similar to today’s, moving to Oregon,as my first job out of the Army, was quite a shock. However, I soon learned that Oregonians don’t let dreary weather keep them inside. I also learned something strange, how comforting the drizzle and clouds felt mostly because everything stayed green.

Later when I returned to attend University of Oregon for a degree in Landscape Architecture, I really learned about adaptability. One of the required classes through out my tenure was on plant materials, the class was conducted outdoors regardless of the weather. We all learned to adapt and the class ended up being one of our favorites.

The Great Lake freighter below, making its way into the Duluth harbor on a similarly dreary day as today, brought back those Oregon memories. Many of these Great Lakes ore boats have plied the waters of the lakes for decades hauling ore from mining towns to ports through out the Great Lakes. Many of the ore boats seem to be on the verge of falling apart like the one in the photo. If you look closely along the port side of the hull it looks like Swiss cheese. Signs of the toll these boats pay over decades of constant abuse can be seen through out the entirety of this boat’s structure.


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