A walk through the archives

As I’ve been recovering from my first chemo course, I’ve also been revisiting my photo archives and as you’ve seen recently I’ve stumbled on some photos I forgot about. Once I started playing with these oldies using new technology, photos I originally thought weren’t salvageable have taken on new life.

Back in ’05 we were just getting started in wedding photography and attended a wedding photography convention in Vegas. After the convention we headed to Sedona to shoot some desert landscapes. Unfortunately, one of our two cameras took a tumble and ended up with limited functionality, so we weren’t sure what we would come away with. Given the technology back then the previews, using our pre-Intell based Mac laptop we weren’t very thrilled with the results, so the photos were archived and generally forgotten about.

Today’s photos are from the Sedona archive and one I had hopes for when it was shot, after some work it has turned out much better than in ’05.

DSC_0173-Edit-2.jpgDSC_0226-Edit-2-Edit-2.jpgDSC_0276-Edit-Edit as Smart Object-1-2.jpgDSC_4369-Edit-2.jpg


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