Fog can generate a wide range of reactions and emotions depending how we encounter it. In the woods, on a trail or just walking down a street, it can cause us to feel a sense of anticipation, mystery, fear, and even embrace as it wraps around us.

It can enhance or detract from a photo depending on how the photographer includes it in a composition. Each of these photos used the fog in a different way to create a sense of mystery and suspension, mystery in not knowing what lay ahead and suspension by referencing a state of suspended resolution.

The first photo illustrated one of the basic elements I look for when composing a shot is a sort of visual contradiction or in design terms juxtaposition of opposites. The presence of the chair lifts over a ski run enveloped in fog contrasted with how we normally associate seeing chair lifts.
There is no snow on the ground, no skiers wrapped in bright colors anticipating the thrill of the run. Instead there is just an empty chair lift surrounded by fog as it moves over grass.

The remaining photos use the fog to illustrate mystery and the unknown. The path in the second photo disappears into the fog, inviting us to follow and discover what lies at the end. The last photo only offers the challenge of entering the unknown, no path exists for us to follow, we must find our own way through the forest and the fog.



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