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Sunset through the skyline

As the snow and seemingly winter along with it starts to disappear here in St. Paul, today’s photo is a reminder that winter does have some redeeming value. I stumbled on this photo yesterday while sorting files for my web site and store. The photo was shot in 2010 down the road from St. Antony […]

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Then and Now

While editing some older images (shot in ’04) I couldn’t help but see differences between photos taken during the early period of digital photography and the advanced technology we have available today. My first digital camera was a little plastic bodied Nikon point and shoot, it had barely 2mp of sensor, there was no such […]

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Smoke and fire in Glacier National Park

A few years ago we were heading home through Glacier National Park during a period when there were a couple of fires on the edge of Glacier’s northeast area. Most of the roads were closed but we managed to find another route that ended up putting the fire and its’ smoke between us and the […]

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Explorations in the Minneapolis Mill District

The Gutherie Theater design has always fascinated me, with its’ metallic blue skin reflects whatever is nearby, and the cantilevered “porch” that seems to defy the laws of gravity. When we were shooting weddings, the Gutherie and the Mill District were always our favorite locations for engagement sessions, because they both offered radically different environments […]

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A visit to the Belles of Colorado

I’ve been uploading new batches of of photos to 500px for licensing and sale, the most recent batch were from our time in Colorado in 2010. We stayed in Vail and traveled to shooting locations each day. This set is from a morning visit to the Maroon Belles Wilderness Area. We got there very early […]

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A natural end of the day

As I’ve mentioned many times, winter is not without its’ beauty, whether it be the constantly changing landscape of snow and ice or the layered textures and tonal variations of prairie and wetland grasses. Our last stop this past weekend was along Blackdog road, a location we have often used to try to get some […]

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A welcome day of light

After many disappointing predictions, that bright light that sometimes appears in the sky and is called the sun, finally appeared. Our cameras have been tucked away for the last several weeks because extreme cold and electronics don’t play well together. So with the appearance of the sun and warmer weather we headed out for some […]

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After the morning snow

A frosted wind break in a field somewhere in SW Minnesota. The contrast of the relative flatness of the field to the vertical profile of the wind break makes me see the intersection of two planes. Most of my composition, especially with farm land has to do with the interaction of the horizontal plane with […]

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Skagit Valley Tulips

Back in the spring of ’08 we spent a day visiting the tulip fields of the Skagit Valley in Washington just north of Seattle. The Skagit Valley is the second largest tulip growing area in the world and the growers were celebrating the annual Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. The fields were filled with every shade […]

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Waiting for Persephone

A few years ago, pre-polar Vortex, I did a series on wet land plants after they froze. One of the plant types I focused on was the Milk Weed, I wanted to capture the contrast of the frozen above ground portion and the release of its’ seeds. The seed release signaled the plant’s coming rebirth […]

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